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KIUC (Kyrgyz International Universal COLLEGE)

You can apply to KIUC only after 9th grade in the below majors:

Major Field Qualifying Examination Academic Term
Management (080501) Math, Russian/Kyrgyz language and literature 2 years 10 months
Law (030505) History, Russian/Kyrgyz language and literature 2 years 10 months
Translation (Expert course) History, Russian/Kyrgyz language and literature 2 years 10 months
Advertising (032401) History, Russian/Kyrgyz language and literature 2 years 10 months

Necessary Documents for KIUC Entrance Exam

  1. Official School Reports(Whole grades)
  2. Medical Check Ups (086-U)
  3. 6 Photos (3X4)
  4. A copy of Passport, Birth Certificate

SSEC (Shopokov SOSI Education Center)


STUDENTS - Students who want to apply to SSEC should submit a list of following documents


General Education Program is a special class where we provide English, Mathematics, Informatics and History courses intensively as the core preparatory curriculums for leading universities.

There are two ways to be enrolled in the. One is ANC - SOSI Scholarship students and the other is non-scholarship students who should be qualified through additional test procedures. (For more details please call or visit our school)


Every year teachers from the United States come for summer camp to teach English and promote character development and leadership training.

SSEC annual English summer camp mainly focused on learning English and US culture. Participation is free at the KIUC campus, but if program is outside the campus additional fees may apply.

Annual camp will proceed as follows. Volunteer teachers from United States and Kyrgyzstan will be staff. Tentative schedule is below. It may change.

  • Capacity 50 people, about the end of Registration SSEC bulletins will be posted on THE SHOPOKOV TIMES
  • SSEC program since May, please refer to the website
  • About 10 boys and 10 girls
  • Participants will be interviewed and selected in May
  • Applications and other information will be available on the SSEC website.


We have evening class for adults who want to more study Korean, English and computer etc. It starts at 17:30 or 18:00. Individualizing learning is also possible.

Please contact Ms. Luda at 0312-22-11-82 for details.